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Database to connect with vetted, Ready-to-Work candidates in your area. We vet candidates from the community so you don’t have to.

With Workforce Leverage™ you have access to pre-screened employees who are Reliable, Trustworthy and Ambitious.

Submit job openings to us and get a list of vetted candidates. Join our network now. WFL Subscription service coming soon.

About Firm Advantage ™

We find, vet, and compile a list of MBE and WBE’s to deliver to you. With Firm Advantage™ you can support small minority-owned businesses, work quickly and efficiently, and you won’t waste time searching for a reliable vetted business.

With Firm Advantage™, you have access to pre-screened minority owned companies. Diversify your projects with certified MBE’s and WBE’s by using Firm Advantage™

To learn more about subcontracting and small minority businesses, connect with us via email or social media.
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