Dr. Gina Merritt, MBA


Founder Dr. Gina Merritt, MBA created Project Community Capital® to do one thing: Reduce Economic Inequality. Through our platform, low-income residents get employed, MBE’s get more work, and social capital is provided to all parties. PCC, a social capital platform can increase economic equality for all.

Shaira Dunn

Platform Assistant

Coordinates with Platform Manager, Platform Coordinator, and other staff to support Firm Advantage and Work Force Leverage program goals and fiscal objectives. Perform administrative support duties, manage program documentation, and coordinate conference calls, events, and travel arrangements as required by the program manager. Provides support to Business and Hiring Evaluation Specialist as required.

Dakotah Jennifer

Media Content Specialist

Creates and publishes social media content on all platforms, digitally designs distributable media and visual marketing materials, maintains internal documentation on outreach processes, and organizes interview platform.

Gail Northern

Platform Coordinator

Organizes and Oversees all aspects of the outreach components of Firm Advantage™ and WorkForce Leverage™ programs. Provides strategic guidance and coordination on outreach venues to maximize the noticing of opportunities to businesses, people, trade agencies and other local community groups.